Trullo ? What is it?

Version française

The trullo is a traditional Apulian dry stone hut with a typical conical roof. Generally constructed as temporary field shelters and storehouses or as permanent dwellings by small proprietors or agricultural labourers, trulli characterizd apulian countryside.


The thick stone walls and dome of the trullo, pleasantly cool in the summer, the conic structure tend to keep warmth during winter.


the tipical trullo rooftop restaurated by local stone masters

During the Middle Age, these mortarless constructions, were used by the inhabitants, as they could be dismantled quickly: an effective method to avoid taxes on new settlements imposed by the Kingdom of Naples and also some good deterrent for riotous owners.

Most historians agree, however, that this construction technique was due, first, to the geographical conditions of the place, being abundant in limestone which was used in the construction.

Our trullo was built in 1890. It has been completely renovated  by the owner, who is also an architect, following the traditional apulian style, with thoroughly modern conveniences.

The trullo will offer you a unique experience, an  different feel in the heart of millenila nature and closed from centuries-old culture cities of Ostuni, Alberobello…



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